Ultraline Aluminium, the design house of the Ultraline Brand, a system that combines
minimal aluminium profiles with advanced engineering stability to achieve an enviable
suite of sliding, folding, rooflights and windows.

Designed not only to achieve to optimum aesthetics & performance, each of the

Ultraline Systems have been designed to have minimal or common parts, that are simple
& easy to put together in order to benefit the fabricator. Once the product is made,
design considerations have also been made to make it simple & easy to transport and
fit in order to benefit the installer. As the Ultraline system developed, Ultraline
Aluminium has worked closely with Vision Profiles combining the engineering strengths
of both companies to achieve the optimum design.

Through their long standing partnership with Cortizo, Europe’s leading extrusion
manufacturer and finisher, Vision Profiles offer Ultraline Aluminium many benefits
including being an end-to-end specialist in aluminium extrusion, painting, anodising,
polishing and fabrication.

Ultraline Aluminium now utilises Visions expertise as a stockist to control all of
the logistics & quality control of the Aluminium profile enabling finished stock
to be delivered with minimal lead times.

UK Based and privately owned Ultraline Aluminium can offer excellent service and technical
support on all of the products which are tested & proven within the UK market.





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