Ultraline sliding’s advanced design and engineering delivers 20mm sightlines throughout the visible system.
An idyllic scenario that still manages to achieve excellent thermal values.

This combined with high security electrically operated locking makes the Ultraline sliding door unrivalled
in both security and aesthetic appearance.

• Interlocking Mullion Width: 20mm sight Line

• Panel Depth: 58mm

• Maximum opening width: 20M

• Maximum Height: 3M

• Panel height range: 1000mm – 3000mm

• Panel width range: 900mm – 3000mm

• Glass Units:

• Double Glazed Units 36mm

• Triple Glazed Units 36mm – 40mm

• Aluminum Thickness: 2.5mm

• U-Value of 1.35 – 0.96

• Various Electric locking options

Brushed Graphite

Brushed Platinum

Polished Ebony

Sealed glass units are double glazed typically 8mm inner planitherm total low e glass panel

with 8mm toughened outer panel and a 20mm argon filled cavity. Planithem total glass offers

significantly better thermal insulation than traditional low ‘e’ products and is one of the most

energy efficient low ‘e’ glazing products available.

• Download Planitherm brochure PDF

• Download Thermobar data sheet PDF




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